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Miscellaneous information for blog team.  (I apologize in advance for my typos/spelling errors - I am on an iPhone)

Here is some information I thought might be helpful to share with some of you that are interested in contributing to the new blog.  Obviously this isn’t an ideal way to share information but it’s just a temporary setup until I can find something else.  Probably a mailing list and newsletter along with a Dropbox for images.  Since the traffic is very low for the blog at the moment, I doubt anyone will be reading this one page anyways.  Right now I am trying to figure out what works best with the format for the blog but I do have a couple of things written as drafts and have a good start on some DIY projects.   I tried to make a “schedule” for next week but it’s just tentative and needs work still.  I am extremely interested in finding a couple of people who might want to be regular contributors and have their own article here once a week or so.  Writing is not exactly one of my strengths but I am huge tswift fan and wanted to start a fanmade blog.  Trust me, my talents will be found in activities here that don’t involve writing.    Please don’t be shy if you have any questions or ideas.  Right now this blog is a blank slate.  I will add more to this soon about different ideas that I have to move forward with this website.

I didn’t even intend to write this much but I do want to share with you a preview of some of my DIY projects that I have lined up.  I will probably give most my projects away to the guest bloggers and regular contributors so if you see something you really like, let me know.  There’s an awesome cluster necklace based on Taylor’s Gucci Tiger Sweatshirt from the LWYMMD video, some different watercolor paper projects, locker magnets, other accessories and more.  Some items will be reserved for giveaways but a majority of items are to share with the people who help out around here.  Thanks again. Hope to talk to some of you soon!

I will also be adding a list of things that I could use some help with here later tonight but mostly right now I could use some help writing articles.  If you have got things to say about Taylor, now is your moment!

3 weeks worth of lyric frames.  If there’s something special or specific you want done with any of the graphics.  Don’t hesitate to ask. (Comment section or email me

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